Did you know that there is a big difference between working with a freelance blog writer and a professional content marketing company that writes your blog articles, and also provides you with an online blog writing portal? First and foremost, the vast majority of freelance blog writers only produce written content. They then submit that written content to you in MS-WORD form or Google Docs. At that point, it is your responsibility to review the various documents and then notate any changes or edits that you want the blog writer to make.

That typically means you need to spend a significant amount of your valuable time emailing back and forth with the freelance blog writer. Once the document is finally edited in a manner that you find to be acceptable, it’s then your responsibility to publish the blog article on your website and social media pages. Of course, that takes up even more of your valuable time. The bottom line is that freelance blog writers only save you the time of actually writing the blog articles. They do not typically provide any other services that help speed up the process.

That is where a professional content marketing company is different. In essence, they will write the highest quality blog articles for your business. Instead of emailing you the articles for editing and approval, they will post the blog articles on their online blog writing portal. That way you can review the blog articles online. If you approve the blog article the administrator will be notified right away. At that point they will publish your blog article for you. The process saves you a significant amount of time that you could be spending on more important things like running your business.

If you require any edits or changes after reviewing your blog articles simply notate them on the online blog writing portal. A message will immediately be sent to the administrator notifying them that you require edits and or changes. Those edits and or changes will be made ASAP. At that point you can approve the blog article online and the professional content marketing company will take care of the publishing duties for you. Once again, the automated online blog writing portal process saves you a tremendous amount of aggravation, stress, and time.

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