Reasons Why Blog Writing is Good for Your Small Business

There are many reasons why blog writing is good for your small business. Do you own or manage a small business? If so, are you utilizing the blog section on your website? If not, you should be. Blog writing helps you think in new and creative ways. Blogging also helps small business owners and managers to slow down and actually think about their company from new perspectives. In addition, blog writing will provide you with a good opportunity to conduct some industry research by visiting your competitors’ websites. It’s always [...]

A Few Reasons to Hire Blog Writing Professionals

If you know a bit about marketing in the current digital age than you are well aware of the fact that publishing blog articles on your business website and across your social media pages is a key piece of the overall marketing puzzle. However, you may not have the time to write the blogs yourself. In addition, you may not have anyone on staff that has the writing ability and or knowledge to write the blog articles. The good news is that you can hire blog writing professionals to write [...]

Blog Writing for Small Businesses Is the Key to Effective Marketing

Do you know what the most cost effective and cost-efficient forms of marketing are for your small business? It’s certainly not posting expensive ads on social media platforms such as Facebook. It’s not placing ads in your local newspaper. Blog writing for small businesses is the key to effective marketing. In fact, it’s an incredible marketing tactic that will gain significantly more visibility for your website and ultimately your business. In essence, a business blog is a valuable marketing tool that will help your organization grow. First and foremost, blog [...]

Creating OUTstanding Graphics For Blog Posts Is Key

It almost goes without saying that well written text is incredibly important for your content marketing strategy. However, creating outstanding graphics for blog posts is just as important. As they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words. In essence, it’s the image that catches the eye first. Without an interesting image your target audience may not even bother to read those amazing words that you wrote. That being stated, not all images are created equally. That means you should not be tempted to just pick any image that matches the [...]

Work With A Professional Online Blog Writing Portal

Did you know that there is a big difference between working with a freelance blog writer and a professional content marketing company that writes your blog articles, and also provides you with an online blog writing portal? First and foremost, the vast majority of freelance blog writers only produce written content. They then submit that written content to you in MS-WORD form or Google Docs. At that point, it is your responsibility to review the various documents and then notate any changes or edits that you want the blog writer [...]

Search Engine Friendly Blog Articles Make A Bigger Impact

Did you know that search engine friendly blog articles help position your business as a leader in your industry? Furthermore, blog articles that utilize a host of Search Engine Optimization tactics will provide you with far more opportunities to have your website rank higher on Google and the other major search engines. The bottom line is that search engine friendly blog articles will make your website more reachable and more alluring to potential customer or clients. Blog article content certainly contributes to Search Engine Optimization in a significant manner. That [...]

Blog Writing Professionals Can Make A Big Difference

Do you have a blog section on your business website? If not, it’s time to get one started. If so, it’s important to publish articles to that blog on a constant and consistent basis. That being stated, it’s also important to publish content that will help your website rank higher in the major search engines such as Google. Did you know that blog writing professional could make a big difference in helping that become a reality as opposed to a marketing concept? This is due to the fact that blog [...]

Blog Writing For Small Businesses Is A Key Marketing Concept

Do you own or manage a small business? If so, then you know how hard it is to compete in the current economic environment. There is a plethora of competition out there, not to mention the larger companies that have big advertising and marketing budgets. That means you need to make the most out of your marketing budget in order to survive let alone thrive. The good news is that blog writing for small businesses can help you out greatly in this area. In fact, blog writing for small businesses [...]

Does your small business need blog writing?

Does your small business need blog writing? The answer is a definitive YES. This is due to the fact that it is by far the most effective and cost efficient form of marketing your products, services, your company and yourself. When most people think of blog writing they think of content marketing. However, blog writing for small businesses can also be used as both a branding tool and an advertising medium. The bottom line is that a well written and search engine optimized blog article will drive traffic to your [...]

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Hire A Pro To Write Your Blog Articles If You Are Too Busy

If you’re like most small business owners you wear many hats. That means you are incredibly busy all of the time. It may even feel as if you don’t have time to get everything done during the workday, especially writing articles for your company blog. The answer is simple, hire a pro to write your blog articles if you’re too busy. The question that you need to ask yourself is why stay late at the office every day? Why take work home with you? If you’re married and or have children all [...]

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