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My Brand New Website isn’t Getting Any Traffic!

You've just launched your brand new website, and you're excited to share it with the world. But after a few weeks, you start to realize that something is wrong - your site isn't getting any traffic. It's frustrating, but don't worry - you're not alone. Many new website owners face the same issue. In this article, we'll explore why your website might not be getting any traffic and what you can do to fix it. Firstly, let's address the fact that your website is visible on Google. This means that [...]

How to Get Your Business Listed on Voice Search

Voice search isn't just for big businesses ... the truth is that it's far more likely that a voice search will be conducted for a local business! Did you know that voice search has become a popular way for consumers to search the Internet in recent years? That means your potential customers or clients are utilizing voice search h on Alexa, Siri and Google to find the products and or services that you sell. It also means that if your company isn’t listed on voice search, you’re losing business to [...]

How to Write Blog Posts for SEO Part 2 of 2

Did you know that a lot of people simply don’t read each and every line of a blog post? They simply scan the headings in order to decide if the article is worth their time to read it. That’s exactly why headings need to be utilized correctly. Google has already figured out this situation. That’s why they use text structure as a determining factor in their SEO algorithm. The bottom line is that titles provide text structure. It allows readers and Google to determine what the written content is about [...]

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How to Write Blog Posts for SEO Part 1 of 2

Part 1 of 2 Most small business owners don’t fully understand how SEO works. However, learning how to write blog posts for SEO is a key aspect of marketing your organization. In essence, SEO, which is short for search engine optimization, is a bunch of key points that you provide to Google so that your written content actually appears in the search results. However, learning the exact key points can be incredibly difficult because Google keeps them a secret from the general public. It really takes an expert to write [...]

Blog Writing Is Important for Small Businesses

Blog writing is important for small businesses. However, you may be asking yourself why it’s so crucial? It simply doesn’t matter what type of business you own or operate, you need a blog. Here’s why…. First and foremost, you need to keep your target audience engaged with content that is not only relevant, but will also help them. It almost goes without saying that promoting your products and or services is not an easy task. This holds particularly true if you operate within a highly competitive business market. That's exactly [...]

How To Write Blogs That Generate Leads

If you’re wondering how to write blogs that generate leads, please keep reading. Did you know that for a small to medium size business, blogging does a lot more than simply informing followers about recent company news and events? In fact, when done right, writing blogs can establish you as an authority and even expert in your field, provide potential customers or clients with an inside look at your workplace culture, and boost lead generation efforts. Writing blogs that that educate your customers or clients about your products or services [...]

Search Engine Visibility Explained

Did you know that people across the globe conduct over 40,000 searches on Google each and every second? The bottom line is that if your customers or clients are searching for your products or services and answers to their questions, they’re using Google in order to find it. In essence, it only takes a few keywords typed or spoken into the search bar and your potential customers or clients receive a list of websites to search. Search Engine Visibility is what puts your business website on the list. Search Engine [...]

Does Search Engine Optimization for Your Blog Posts Matter?

Part 2 of 2 The conclusion to Does Search Engine Optimization for Your Blog Posts Matter continues below.... The following information will provide you with a few tips for creating high quality content that is based on the keywords that you choose to include in your blog posts. First and foremost, begin by thinking about a list of topics that directly relate to your main keyword. The next step is to conduct a bit of research about the list of topics. Then, compile a bunch of data that will help [...]

Does Search Engine Optimization for Your Blog Posts Matter?

Part 1 of 2 Let’s start this blog post with a question. Does Search Engine Optimization for Your Blog Posts Matter? The answer is yes. First and foremost, SEO (short for search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing a website and its pages in order to gain visibility on major search engines such as Google. The bottom line is that the better your website is optimized, the more potential customers or clients will see it for the key phrases you are targeting. Keep in mind that exposure equals website [...]

Should You Use Blogging for Lead Generation?

The question of the day is does blogging actually help with lead generation? The answer is an absolute yes.  Fresh leads are an important piece of the sales puzzle. They are incredibly important for the growth and ultimate success of your organization. There are all ways to obtain leads. You can purchase them from a lead broker, but that tends to be an expensive endeavor. Plus, the chances are high that the same leads are being sold to your competition. The best way to acquire leads is to generate them yourself [...]

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