It almost goes without saying that well written text is incredibly important for your content marketing strategy. However, creating outstanding graphics for blog posts is just as important. As they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words. In essence, it’s the image that catches the eye first. Without an interesting image your target audience may not even bother to read those amazing words that you wrote. That being stated, not all images are created equally. That means you should not be tempted to just pick any image that matches the theme of the blog post.

What we’re saying here is that you need to avoid stock imagery. Although it may be tempting to quickly choose a standard image in order to provide a photo for your article it can be risky business. The bottom line is that the wrong image is far worse than no image. However, it’s key to include an image with your blog posts. While standard images do not really say much if anything at all, custom images say everything that you need to hammer your point home. For example, a custom image can help you highlight an important piece of information.

In order to accomplish that you need to set it against an attractive background. In essence, this combines the aspects of important information with imagery that actually grabs the reader’s interest. Did you know that consumers only retain 10% of the information they read three (3) days after reading it? However, that retention rate increases to an incredible 65% when a custom image is included with the written text. That means people actually retain far more information from images than they do from words. In addition, custom images can turn a confusing topic into something that is far easier to understand.

In essence, including custom images with intricate topics will help your target audience to understand your way of thinking. Last but certainly not least; a few well-placed custom graphics will completely complement your written words. Think of it in the following manner. Written words are used to explain the details. However, graphics are used to make it fun. In essence, custom graphics will bring life to your topic. They provide your target audience with something that they can see and feel. Written words are two (2) dimensional, however graphics are three (3) dimensional. Adobe Spark is a great program for creating custom graphics.

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