5 Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Your Blog is a fundamental element for your online marketing efforts. In essence, it not only drives traffic to your website, but also helps to convert leads into sales. That being stated, the success of your blog is determined by the content, format, and presentation. That means your blog needs to engage your audience and make them curious about your products and or services. The following information will provide you with five (5) tips on how to write SEO friendly blog posts that will not only target your ideal audience, but will also drive traffic to your website.

Keyword Research

Did you know that keyword research is an incredibly important step for search engine friendly blog posts? The bottom line is that blog posts are tools that direct traffic to your website based on the keywords and phrases that are included in the blog posts. They must include keywords and keyword phrases that you want your ideal target audience to both search for your business and most important actually find your business. For example, potential customers will search for specific keywords and keyword phrases that relate to your business category.

When you include these keywords and keyword phrases in the content, it will position your blog posts in front of your target audience when they conduct searches.

Keyword Placement

Once the keyword research phase is complete, the next step is keyword and keyword phrase placement within the blog articles. In essence, they are important elements that must be included within the title of the blog post, content of the blog posts, and any related images that you publish along with the blog post. SEO experts highly recommend that the primary keywords and keyword phrases are included in the blog title, the opening sentence, and are placed throughout the body of the blog posts. Keywords and keyword phrases should also be included in the last sentence. This avoids flooding the content, and also helps to keep your target audience engaged. You need to ensure that your blog posts are readable by both humans and the search engine algorithms.


In order to truly engage your audience, you need to seek a new approach to the topics that they truly care about. Otherwise you will never engage them because there are literally thousands of blog posts out there about the same or similar topics. That means you must provide relevant content. It is truly the key to engaging your audience to read more. It is also important to have them take action, such as calling your business, or having them fill out a form on your website for more information.


There is a fine line when it comes to the length of your blog posts. In essence, they need to provide enough information, but they shouldn’t be so long that they actually bore the target audience. For example, 100 words are too short to tell your story, but 1,500 plus words tend to lose the reader. The major search engines, such as Google, tend to favor content that is between 500 and 700 words.

Responsive Designs

The online audience is impatient to say the least. That means your blog needs to have a responsible design. It should be accessible through multiple platforms such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. Responsiveness typically relates to compatibility and the enhancement of the user experience through both format and layout. This will help a great deal with your SEO efforts, as the inbound links are both responsive and enhanced. Your blog needs to focus on a physical audience that is seeking out information, as well as the search engine algorithms. That means it should be friendly enough to entice repeat readers.

Bonus Tip: Long Tail Key Phrases … remember to target your ideal audience by including more information in your key phases. For example, if you make custom shoes in Massachusetts don’t simply target Shoe Company, target “custom shoe maker in MA.”  This not only targets the word custom, but the location of the those ideal customers that you prefer to find you.

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