Importance of Hyper Local Keywords

In the current day and age, businesses must rely on websites and content marketing in order to drive customers to their stores. That being stated, these businesses are realizing that they need to be proactive in using hyper local keywords in their content marketing efforts in order to come up at the top of the major search engines. So what exactly is hyper local marketing? In essence, it is a process that targets potential customers that are located in a particular area. That area is typically within a few blocks or a few streets away from the store.

Hyper local marketing is also targeted towards potential customers that conduct “near me” searches on their portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. Hyper local marketing is based on three (3) main things.

 Mobile Devices

Did you know that over 80% of consumers use smartphones, and most utilize them as part of their buying decision. In essence, people search for specific products, services, and stores using these devices. That means being on top of these searches will likely result in increased revenue on an immediate basis. With smart phones, user location is semi private at best and most smart phone users are exposed to flash sales and other plush marketing on a regular basis.

By developing hyper local keyword based content for mobile devices, a small business can gain a greater share of the potential business available in the area. Hyper local content can also be utilized to drive geo marketing  in a timely manner.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines such as Google are constantly looking for ways to make search results relevant for the users. One of the ways in which they do this is by looking for information that relates to the area in which the user is searching for a particular product or service. Content marketing that includes hyper local terms to refer to the business or area will help increase search engine rankings. Please keep in mind that it is important to use geo specific terms that local consumers would use to describe the area within a five-mile radius.  This is what people likely to enter in their search queries.

When the marketing content uses a hyper local keyword, it creates a long tail keyword, which has less competition. This process enables the landing page to rank higher in the search results. The lower number of true matches is not a fantastic deterrent since the people searching using hyper local terms are more likely to approach the business since the result will be more relevant to them.

People Searching For Hyper Local Content

Another factor that makes hyper local content marketing so important is the fact that consumers are looking for this type of content and information. This type of marketing should be linked to promotions and news items that are related to the specific location of the business. For example, it is important to mention local events, and interesting local news while linking this information to your business. It will help keep the content relevant and useful while promoting your business in the hyper local community.

Hyper local marketing content can offer promotions that are specific and exclusive to the area. It should also cover news that is relevant to the area such as on taxes, byelaws, etc. It should also connect with the community by mentioning specific organizations such as a local hospital or park. Hyper local content of this type also helps win over customers who feel that the business understands the community and its needs. This is critical when customers have a choice of local businesses to turn to.

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