Website Performance Is More Important Than Ranking

It goes without saying that how your website ranks in Google and the other major search engines is important. Of course you want your website/business to appear on the first page when consumers or other businesses conduct an Internet search for the products and or services that related directly to your business. However, there is something that is even more important. Can you take a guess what it is? It is actually even more important for your website to perform well, meaning people are purchasing your products and or services.

This is due to the fact that revenue is the bottom line for every business across the globe. Searching on Google and the other major search engines is relevant to you on a specific basis. In essence, the search conclusions will provide you with results that are based on the things that you search for most. The search results are also based on your location if it applies to the search. For example, if you conduct a Google search for “popular rock music”, you will see different results from someone else that also searches Google for “popular rock music.”

This is due to the fact that you may have previously searched for information about the band Disturbed, while another person typically searches for information about the band Led Zeppelin. However, if you are searching for “house painters in Massachusetts” Google will provide you with a list of websites for local painters in Massachusetts. So how do you actually achieve better website performance? In essence, you need to do things that keep people on your website longer. When people are on your website for longer periods of time, it typically means they are interested in your products and or services.

Keeping people on your website longer can start with something as simple as adding a blog section to your website. However, adding a blog section is not enough, you actually need to publish blog articles on a regular basis. When we refer to a regular basis we mean that you should be posting blog articles on a weekly basis. If you have the budget or the time, you should be posting at least two (2) blog articles per week. Your blog articles should provide prospective customers or clients with entertaining and informative information about topics that directly relate to your business.

When people feel that you are providing them with a value added service, and you are not charging them for that value added service, it begins to build a trust factor. Most people will only do business with companies that they trust. Speaking of trust, the blog articles can also show the world that you are an expert in your field. Once again, people trust experts and would rather purchase products and services from an expert that they trust.

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