Did you know that writing web page content that is SEO friendly is the key to helping your website rank higher in Google and the other major search engines? You also need to publish that content on a constant and consistent basis in the form of blog posts. The question that you may be asking yourself at this point is how should you actually go about writing web page content that is SEO friendly? First and foremost, Google gives you virtual points based on a list of objectives that they have set forth. In essence, they will rank your website higher if you publish content on your website that meets their standards.

For example, the main page heading of your blog articles, also referred to as the title of your articles, should match the key word phrase that you are using in order to optimize the page. From a Google or technical perspective, this is called the page focus key word phrase. In addition, it is incredibly important that the title of each article is no longer then sixty (60) characters in length including spaces. For example, the title of this article, “Writing Web Page Content That Is SEO Friendly” is forty-five (45) characters including spaces.

The title of this article “Writing web Page Content That Is SEO Friendly” is also the keyword phrase that we are utilizing in order to help our website rank higher in Google and the other major search engines. Google will also give you more virtual points when the key word phrase is the first paragraph of your blog articles. That is why the first sentence of this article includes our keyword phrase “writing web page content that is SEO friendly.” You can even take the focus key phrase one step further by including the area in which you are marketing your products or services.

For example, “writing web page content that is SEO friendly in Massachusetts” will provide you with even more traction if you are marketing in a specific area. Google will also give you virtual points if you only use one (1) keyword phrase per article. If you link your blog articles to another website that contains relevant information that pertains to the products and or services that you are writing about you will also receive virtual points from Google. For example, if you would like to include graphics with your blog articles Adobe Illustrator is an incredibly useful tool.

Google will also give you virtual points when you link to an internal page on your own website that provides your target audience with more relevant information about your organization, products, or services. Your website will also receive virtual points from Google if you provide a link to your contact page. For example, if you need help creating weekly or monthly blog posts, please contact us today. Last but certainly not least, Google looks favorably on quality content. In fact, the more content the better. However, you should never copy content from another source. That means you need to ensure that all of the content that appears in your blog articles is unique.

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