Why Photos are Important for your Blog Posts

Remember being a kid and how much you loved to see pictures? For many people, some things never change. Yes a photo can speak a thousand words but if the quality of your blog image isn’t up to par, the likelihood of your article actually being read is slim to none.

Why is visual content so important?

Did you know that blog posts with photos get 94% more views than ones without photos?  Did you also know that the majority of content that is posted on social media is visual content whether in the form of photos or videos! Visual content for your blog posts is so important because over 95% of the information that the human brain processes is visual.

Legally using Images

If you are like the majority of people on the internet you might just assume that any old image you find online is fair game to use in your web site, or blog posts. You’re wrong! That’s actually illegal and it can cost you hundreds of dollars in fees and even thousands. Don’t let this scare you away from working with your web site or creating those blogs posts, you just have to have to have the education to know where to find, purchase and how to use the right photos legally!

Here are our top picks for great photos 

Adobe Stock! 

Adobe Spark!

Optimizing Images

Photos for your blog posts should be optimized for use on the web. What does that mean? That means that you should resize them so that they are “web ready” for your posts. This means that the actual file size of the photos are not too large because this can cause slow load times. Having a photo that is too large can not only make the whole page load slowly but it can actually take away from the article itself.

Resizing photos is easy with the following tools:

  • EZ Thumbs (resize a bunch of them all at once! and it’s free)

Adding an image helps search engines see your post!

Optimizing your image with the proper meta tags and keywords will increase the search engine visibility of your post. This is typically added within the “title”, “description”, or the “alt text” of the image when adding it to your page or post.

Remember that when picking out images you should be thinking about the visual appeal they will have on your ideal target audience.  The right words and a stunning photo will entice the reader to want to read more. Another great way to add visual appeal to any post is with a video! For more information on this or other great ways to optimize your blog, contact us today. Happy blogging!