What Does Blog Writing Have to do With Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is all about attracting prospects, moving together with them in their decision-making process and finally converting them to clients. But what does blog writing have to do with this process? Blogging is at the center of the inbound marketing process as a blog post targets your ideal clients with content that they are interested in and ultimately engages them to engage you and your services. Essentially, every business should have a running blog to not only engage your prospects, but  also to stay on the forefront of the search engine listings with newly added content.

Below are some of the benefits that you can bring into your business through consistent blogging efforts as a marketing tactic.

Blog writing helps you establish authority within your field

A business blog is meant to give answers to some of the common issues that your potential customers may have that are related to your business. It shares information and insights into relevant topics that they may be interested in learning about. If you produce consistent, quality and informative content for your market, prospects will trust you and you will establish yourself as an authority in your field. If you are able to provide important information, your prospective clients are more likely to engage your product or services. If you establish yourself as an authority, they will continue to come back for more information, so it’s important to provide content on a consistent basis.

Driving traffic to your site

Every time that you add content via a blog, you index one more page on your website that is visible to each engines. Frequent postings give a hint to search engine crawlers that your page is active and it should be checked for newly published material often. Indexing gives you the opportunity to to not only maintain your search engine ranking but boost it up over time which ultimately will help drive traffic to your site.

Blogging also gets you noticed on social media.

Blog content is shareable by people over social media and if your content is interesting it will continue to be shared. Instead of producing new content for your social media, you can simply share your blog posts and get new followers. As your posts continue to be shared you will gradually build a following. We don’t recommend sharing a complete blog post however, it’s important that you only share a bit of the blog post so that your potential readers are interested in reading more, and you simply link back to the blog post on your website.

Converting visitors to leads

Blogs are vital in converting visitors on your web page to qualified leads. You can achieve this by adding a call to action at the end of  every blog post. A call to action is something that invites the reader to engage in an action such as; to subscribe to something, to call you, to email you, to fill out a form for more information or to visit your physical location and so much more.

Converting Leads to Sales

It’s easier to engage a lead and convert them to a sale if they are already reading your blog post. Why? Because if they are there, this means that they are already interested in the content, it means that they more than likely found the blog post by entering in specific key words or a key phrase within a Google search that lead them there. So by being there on that post you already know what they are interested in. Therefore he or she is aware of what your company offers and if he or she also has a need, and is willing to receive information from your company, you can engage them and convert them from a lead to a sale.

For more information on this or other great ways to drive more traffic to your website, contact us today at Your Page Today. Happy blogging!