Tips To Picking Blog Article Topics That Make An Impact

Publishing articles on the blog section of your website is an incredibly important aspect of marketing and Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. That being stated, it is just important to publish posts that are centered on the topics that will actually attract your audience, and the major search engines. Keep in mind that there are two (2) main objectives. The first is to have your target audience actually read the blog articles that you publish on your website. Typically speaking, people enjoy reading articles that provide them with information, and or teaches them something. The second objective, which is equally as important as the first objective, is to provide Google and the other major search engines a good reason to rank your website higher. You will accomplish this over time by publishing new and relevant content on your website on a regular basis. You need to pick the correct topics in order to make an impact. The following information will show you how.

Tip #1- Pick Topics That Spark An Emotion With Your Readers

It is incredibly important for your readers to have an emotional connection to your posts. Although this may sound a bit difficult, it can be easily accomplished if you provide a solution or even multiple solutions to their problems. When you provide answers to a specific need, the reader will consider you as a trusted source, or even as an industry expert. The bottom line is consumers would rather do business with companies that they trust and consider to be experts at their job. For example, if you own and operate an accounting firm, publish articles that center on the importance of proper bookkeeping.

Tip #2- Pick Topics That Are Relevant To Your Business

It is incredibly important to teach your target audience about the products and or services that you provide through topics that are directly related to your business. That means you should only publish articles that stay on topic. For example, if you own and operate an environmental services company do not post articles that include recipes or give relationship advice. Although a great deal of blogs contain articles that have absolutely nothing to do with the business at hand, do not be tempted to fall into that trap. Your target audience only wants to read about things that relate to what you do and what you sell.

Tip #3- Pick Topics That Are Relevant To What Is Going On Around You

Last but certainly not least, it is incredibly important to choose topics that relate to the things that are going on around you. Back to the accounting firm example as listed in Tip #1, you do not want to publish articles that provide information on filing taxes right after tax season has ended. Instead, focus on non income tax related topics of accounting. In addition, if there are major events going on that makes sense for you to publish on your blog, include topics that relate to those events.

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