The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog

Did you know that small businesses that blog generate approximately sixty seven-percent (67%) more leads on a monthly basis than companies that do not take part in blogging? That is an impressive number to say the least. It also means you should be adding posts to the blog section of your website on a regular basis, or adding a blog section to your website if it does not currently have one. The good news is that blog posts are an incredibly effective and cost efficient form of marketing that is far less expensive than advertising on social media. Compelling, original content can actually make the difference of selling your products and or services, or losing the sale to your competition. At this point, the question that you may be asking yourself is how do blog articles actually generate more leads?

Here are the top 3 reasons why your business needs a blog.

Blog Articles Create A High Level Of Credibility

Think about all the websites that you turn to when you have a question about your health, or how to decorate your family room. Each and every one of these brands has a blog section on their website that helped them build a large following. The concept is the exact same for your small business. In essence, blog articles build trust with your target audience. Consumers will flock to your website when you are providing them with the correct answers in the form of blog articles. For example, if you own a landscaping business, you can establish credibility by providing blog posts about how to properly take care of your lawn and why you should hire someone to do it. The bottom line is that well written blog articles that are published on a constant and consistent basis shows your target audience that you are a trusted source that they can rely on.

Blog Articles Drive Traffic To Your Website

The entire point of Website based content is to make use of keywords and other Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques in order to attract readers who are looking for information on the Internet. In essence, when blog articles are written properly, they provide more people with the ability to find your website. In addition, the major search engines, such as Google, absolutely love it when your website has updated content on a regular basis. The bottom line is that they want to ensure that you are working hard to stay at the forefront of your industry. The major search engines reward you for providing new and useful content to your readers. For example, your website ranking will increase over time.

Blog Articles Keep Potential Consumers On Your Website Longer

The longer amount of time that people spend on your website greatly increases the odds that they will end up doing business with your company. That means you need to provide them with interesting content that is relative to their needs and desires. The absolute best way to accomplish this is through your blog posts. That way, potential customers, current customers, and even previous customers will be able to learn more about the products and or services that you provide. The bottom line is that an extensive blog that is filled with interesting articles keeps your audience engaged and interested.

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