If you’re wondering how to write blogs that generate leads, please keep reading. Did you know that for a small to medium size business, blogging does a lot more than simply informing followers about recent company news and events? In fact, when done right, writing blogs can establish you as an authority and even expert in your field, provide potential customers or clients with an inside look at your workplace culture, and boost lead generation efforts. Writing blogs that that educate your customers or clients about your products or services also positions your business as the #1 resource in your audience’s time of need. The following information will explain how to write blogs that generate leads.

First and foremost, you need to include a Call-To-Action in the text of your blog posts. A Call-To-Action, or CTA for short, is a way to encourage your readers to take action. For example, you will notice towards the end of this blog a CTA that says “If you would like more information about how to write blogs that generate leads or would like to take part in our blog writing services, please contact us today.” That sentence entices the reader to contact our company for more information.

When your potential customer or clients contact you for more information, you have the perfect opportunity to sell them your products and or services. Another way that your blogs can generate leads is by offering your readers exclusive content. In essence, the blogs are providing your target audience with free information that will help them in some way or another. Exclusive content provides your target audience with even more information about the topics that they are researching. In exchange for the exclusive content you are simply asking for their contact info.

When you have a name, number, email address, and a list of the products and or services that your potential customers or clients are interested in, that’s called a lead. However, it’s important that you provide your readers with value in your standard blog articles. In essence, the exclusive content takes it one step further. For example, you can offer a downloadable eBook or White Paper that goes more in depth about the topic as long as they fill out a short form on your website.

If you would like more information about how to write blogs that generate leads or would like to take part in our blog writing services, please contact us today.

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