How To Write Blogs That Generate Leads

If you’re wondering how to write blogs that generate leads, please keep reading. Did you know that for a small to medium size business, blogging does a lot more than simply informing followers about recent company news and events? In fact, when done right, writing blogs can establish you as an authority and even expert in your field, provide potential customers or clients with an inside look at your workplace culture, and boost lead generation efforts. Writing blogs that that educate your customers or clients about your products or services [...]

Can You Really Generate Leads by Publishing Blog Articles?

The question of the day is can you really generate leads by publishing blog articles? The answer is absolutely, yes. You can and should publish blog articles on your website in order to produce more leads. Here’s why. Small business owners and managers, who are not digital marketing experts, may be under the false impression that blogs are just a bunch of words thrown together about a topic that a reader may or may not be interested in. However, marketing experts know that the exact opposite is true. The bottom [...]

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