Blogs Rank Higher With Only ONE Key Phrase

If you are writing blog articles for Search Engine Optimization purposes you may be tempted to include as many relative keywords and keyword phrases as humanly possible. In fact, you may have heard or read something along the way that the more keywords and keyword phrases that you include in each post will help to increase the odds that your content will rank higher in Google and the other major search engines. This may sound like it makes sense because you want to optimize each and every piece of written content that you publish.

However, the exact opposite actually holds true. In this case the more the merrier philosophy does not apply. You need to be precise because blog articles rank higher with only one keyword phrase. The world of content marketing can be a bit confusing to say the least. That is exactly why it makes sense to leave the blog writing up to a professional who knows that stuffing in multiple keywords and keyword phrases into each individual article actually has the opposite effect. The bottom line is that more than one keyword phrase per page of content will water down the significance of the content to keyword ratio.

That means your blog articles will rank lower in Google and the other major search engines instead of ranking higher. In essence, when you include multiple keyword and keyword phrases it has the opposite effect because they cancel each other out. If you have multiple keyword and keyword phrases in mind, than save them for future blog articles. Otherwise you are just shoveling sand against the tide. The more blog articles that you publish the better off you will be. First and foremost, your potential customers and current customers greatly appreciate it when you provide them with information.

It is a value added service that goes a long way in building loyalty; so keep those blog articles coming. Second and just as important, Google and the other major search engines rank websites higher when new and relevant content is published on a constant and consistent basis. The more articles that you publish under the blog section of your website will go a long way in helping your website rank higher based upon this. That being stated, make sure that you are only using one keyword or keyword phrase per article. Of course you can include that keyword or keyword phrase multiple times throughout each article.  You need to stay one step ahead of the competition, and writing blog articles in the proper way will help you achieve that.

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