Did you know that nearly 410 million people read blog posts on a monthly basis? That means if your small business does not have a blog that is populated with posts you are missing out on an amazing marketing opportunity. In fact, blog writing for small businesses is the key to marketing in a fast and affordable manner. It also provides you with an amazing opportunity to directly convert readers into paying customers or clients. The bottom line is that writing effective blog posts comes down to the fact that you need to start writing.

If you simply don’t have the time, patience, or ability to write blog posts than you should hire a company that specializes in writing blog posts. Optimizing your blog posts is a crucial aspect of ensuring that your target audience will actually read what you publish on your website. Blog writing for small businesses is incredibly important, and there are a great deal of benefits for doing so. For example, you can publish articles that relate directly to your business. This will help you establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

Customers and clients are far more comfortable doing business for the first time with authority figures. In essence, it helps build up the trust factor, which is necessary to close the deal or make the sale. In addition, your blog posts will also create conversations between you and your target audience. When a potential customer or client is asking questions, even difficult questions, it means they may be interested in doing business with you. Some people will ask questions to be better informed, and others will ask questions in order to test you.

Either way, the more questions that you can answer truthfully and with confidence will also help you gain the potential customer or client’s trust. That of course can turn a potential customer or client into a paying customer or client. Last but certainly not least, blog writing for small businesses drives traffic directly to your website. Did you know that small businesses with blogs average 55% more traffic when compared to small organizations that do not have a blog?

The bottom line is that blog writing provides you with the unique opportunity to both market and advertise your organization’s products and or services in the most cost effective manner possible. That way you will attract new customers or clients, increase sales, and greatly improve your business’s bottom line.

If you would like more information about how blog writing for small businesses is the key to marketing for your organization, please contact us today.

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