Publishing fresh content to your blog has a plethora of advantages. That’s why we highly suggest weekly blog post writing. When it comes to blog articles the more you post the merrier. The vast majority of marketers simply cannot post on a daily basis. This is due to either time constraints if you’re writing the blog articles yourself, or budget constraints if you’re hiring a professional blog writing company to perform the work for you. That being stated, it is incredibly important for both your SEO efforts and your overall marketing efforts to publish blog articles as often as possible, even if that means only once of twice per month.

First and foremost, when you publish blog articles that are properly structured and also incorporate the correct SEO techniques your website will start to rank in the major search engines. It takes time and a lot of freshly written content to accomplish this. It also depends on how crowded the space is. For example, if there is a lot of competition within your industry it will take more written content to rank higher in Google and the other major search engines. That means you need to be publishing more blog articles than your competitors on a weekly and monthly basis.

Otherwise, their websites will rank higher than your website. The bottom line is that when your website ranks high on Google and the other major search engines it will bring in a lot of traffic to your website that can be converted into leads and sales. In addition to your website, you should also be publishing your blog articles to all of your social media platforms. In fact, blog articles and social media marketing tend to go hand in hand with each other. In essence, when you post your blog articles to your social media sites on a regular basis it will also drive traffic to your website.

Once again, that traffic can be converted into leads and into sales. Blog articles also give you a voice and a personality that people can relate to. Typically speaking, consumers and business professionals prefer purchasing products and services from companies and people who they can relate to. Your blog is a way for you to stand out from the competition. Your articles should be written in a manner that teaches others about topics that are directly related to the products and or services that you sell. Providing valuable information also endears consumers or other business professionals to you.

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Your Blog Today provides professional blog writing services for businesses, agencies, and individuals on a weekly and monthly basis. All of our written content is created by professional writers in order to appeal to both your target audience, and the major search engines. Our blog posts are fully optimized for the highest level of search engine visibility in order to drive significantly more traffic to your website.

In addition, your blog posts will include a call to action message that grabs the attention of potential leads, and converts existing leads into customers.

Our team of marketing experts fully understands how to write for people, and the search engines without having you sound like a robotic selling machine.

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