Blog Performance Actually Out Ranks Website Rankings

It goes without saying that blog articles are great marketing tools based on the fact that they provide a lot of bang for the buck. When we speak with clients about their overall marketing goals, one of the very first things that they mention is ranking higher in the major search engines such as Google. Well written blog articles certainly go a long way in achieving this. In fact, they are an incredibly important piece of your overall content marketing strategy. While ranking high in the search engines is incredibly important, it can take a bit of time to accomplish.

In essence, when you publish a lot of well written blog articles on your website, the chances of ranking higher significantly increase. This is due to the fact that the major search engines like to index new information, and reward organizations that do so with higher website rankings. However, it is even more important to your bottom line that your blog articles bring in leads directly to your website. For example, if a potential customer is researching home improvement services by searching for articles that relate to home improvement services, you want to make sure that your blog articles are seen.

In essence, your blog articles can pop up in the search engines separately from your website. That means if your website is on its way to ranking at the top, but is not quit there yet, your individual articles can still rank at the top. That is part of what makes well-written blog articles so powerful. We are actually referring to a few things when we mention well-written blog articles. The first is obvious. The blog articles must make sense from a grammatical standpoint. That includes the flow of the article and of course the use of proper spelling and grammar.

The blog articles also need to connect with your target audience in a manner that makes them want to do business with you. That means they need to be about topics that people are actually interested in, and should portray you as industry expert that is providing them with a bunch of important knowledge. Well written blog articles, from a ranking perspective, means that they include the proper phrases so they can rank high in the major search engines. This is where it can become a bit confusing for people that are not experts at writing content marketing based blog articles.

Your blog articles need to include the right balance of long tail key phrases. Long tail key phrases are even better than keywords when it comes to Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. For example, a keyword would be “home improvement” while a long tail key phrase would be “custom home improvement projects in Massachusetts.” It takes a delicate balance to get this right.

Your Blog Today provides professional blog writing services for businesses, agencies, and individuals on a weekly and monthly basis. All of our written content is created by professional writers in order to appeal to both your target audience, and the major search engines. Our team fully understands how to write for people, and the search engines without having you sound like a robotic selling machine. Please contact us today for more information or to get started. We look forward to working with you.