Writer Instructions

Writer instructions for YBT

As a writer of Your Blog Today (Your Page Today LLC) you are wearing our company hat as a ghost writer and should NEVER, EVER solicit to our clients or promote your own business within any blog posts ever. Any and all communication with any client will be done solely within the blog portal should they have a change request.

Upon logging into your writer poral you will see a drop down with a list of the clients that are assigned to you.

Within the right column you will see the package they have and how many posts per month they have.

You can also see the client profile information and information about the company including their ideal target keywords, preferred writing style and more. We encourage you to study their website, and view their social media accounts to learn more about them.  You can also review past blog posts for reference.


NOTE: The clients enter their own keywords, these are NOT exact titles for each post they are simply a reference of the ideal keyword that they want their website to be found for, so the blog posts should be inline with these keywords.

**Be careful about writing a blog post around a keyphrase that is NOT listed within their keywords box, as they may NOT want posts written about that – best to ask first if you’re not sure – email me and I will get the answer for you –  Often times a client will push back and request a rewrite, I cannot charge them for that.

Upon creation of blog post do not submit for review; I will review the post, and I will make any changes I feel are necessary and then I will submit to client for review.

Each client might have specific things that they do or don’t want in their posts, keep an eye/ and make note of those things per client.


  • Each blog post MUST have a unique title – NOT used previously in another post – (DO NOT DUPLICATE TITLES)
  • Titles should be kept at 60 characters or less (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Remember that the title IS the focus keyword phrase– meaning that its what you are expecting their ideal client to type into a search to find this particular information WITHOUT knowing what their company name is, do not use company names in titles
  • The title of the post MUST be in the opening paragraph as exact matching text (please try to avoid using words like Introduction, at the beginning of the opening paragraph. The behind the scenes meta description should only be 160 characters and needs to contain the title as exact matching text, the word introduction tends to take away from the amount of characters we can use.
  • Add target geographic location to title whenever you can without it sounding too spammy (its ok if you cant)
  • Titles should NOT look like this Part of Title: Then another part of title (this is TWO focus key phrases) we only want ONE keyphrase per post please
  • If a client needs multiple posts per month make that each blog post focuses on a DIFFERENT TOPIC don’t do two or three or four posts in a row with the same subject, change it up please


  • Add the title (focus keyword phrase) at least 3 times within the article
  • Add bullet points when you can
  • Bold key phrases
  • Clearly organized
  • Easy to read
  • Unique and fresh
  • Satisfying the search intent
  • 100% UNIQUE – NEVER COPIED CONTENT – we check each post with copy scape – if its copied it will be rejected and you will not be paid.
  • Ending should have a clear call to action -i.e contact us, click here to etc… and should be in line with the topic (key phrase)
  • Reference to a Link to relevant content within the client website from the blog post wherever necessary (I typically add these my self) For instance DO NOT put visit the website for more information, THEY ARE ON THE WEBITE when they are reading the post, instead put something else like sign up for … or click here for etc… I will add the links.

Just a run down of what I do on my side, that the writer doesn’t have to:

I optimize each post  – meta description, alt text on photos and I also add the main photo and photos within the post – I post each blog – and I add all relevant links within the post